Do you do emergency repair service?

Absolutely!  If you've got an emergency, call us and we'll dispatch someone as soon as possible.  If we can't get there quick enough, we can even give you a recommendation to one of our many associates that will be able to handle your emergency.

Is a permit needed to do the work?

Good question, however there are many facets that affect this requirement.  For some jobs, like fixing broken wires, installing or replacing existing lighting, permits may not be required.  On the other hand, complete renovations, some upgrades and new installations do require permits, as does any major renovation.  Call us, or ask your contractor about these requirements.  Remember, with the new laws in Ontario, electrical work today requires the use of a licensed electrician for almost everything you do.

How quickly can you perform a service upgrade?

Service upgrades can be done relatively quickly, depending upon the situation.  For most residential properties, the actual work will only take a few hours, however your local utility company must conduct a final inspection prior to finalization.

I was told by a friend that the property I am looking at has knob & tube service and because of that, no carrier will insure it. Is this true?

The quick answer is yes.  The current owner may be covered at present, but the law states that knob and tube service must be replaced by newer technology, as this is a serious fire hazard.  In most cases, when a property changes hands, the insurance carrier will insist on the upgrade within a very short period of time.  For your safety, it is very strongly advised that the service be upgraded as soon as possible.

Is your work guaranteed?

As members of the Electrical Safety Authority's Electrical Contractor Registration Agency, not only must we carry the proper licensing and insurance, but we must guarantee our work and follow all approved standards.  Should there ever be a problem with our workmanship, first and foremost, it would not pass inspection, therefore we always guarantee our workmanship.  With respect to materials, all materials used must also meet minimum building code standards and therefore, all materials are also guaranteed.